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Pixels To Print: Quick Tips for Designers Working from Home

While most of us designers are currently stuck in the situation of working from home, there are ways to help ease the transition from our work station to our work from home station. Graphic design requires a great deal of organization, in the way your files are kept and stored, but also in the way that your work space is set up on your computer and in your physical space.  Having gone through the transition first hand, we have gathered a list of quick tips to help you with yours! 1) Always have a wireless mouse and a keyboard on hand

So much of design work has to do with detailed adjustments or selections, so having a mouse to be able to assist with this makes your work much more efficient and effective.  Graphic design is different from many others in this sense, as most people are able to get by with the touchpad on a laptop to complete their work, but with graphic design being a career that a lot of the time requires the formation of visual creations on a computer, it is important to be able to have an external mouse to give precision. 

A keyboard is equally as important for being as efficient as can be while working from home.  Designers use a keyboard for more than just typing.  It can be used for shortcuts to open tools or windows, as well as helping with the precision aspect of design through the use of the arrow keys.   2) Use a second screen if possible

Designers are quite often switching between windows and tabs.  Between always having at least one Adobe program open and constantly searching for information online or opening and replying to emails and accessing client or internal files, there is never a moment where all windows are closed.  And because of that, it can be found that compared to having to open and close tabs constantly, having more than one screen to work with makes working much more organized and efficient while at home! 

3) Clear your workspace

It may seem like a minor thing, but having a clear workspace is a large factor in getting work done and staying focused and organized while at home.  Instead of sitting on the couch with clutter all around you, try setting up your workspace on a clear desk or table with only the essentials in sight.  With most of design work being done on the computer, all you will really need is your computer, screen(s), mouse, and notebook for sketching or taking notes when needed.  A clear workspace leads to a clear mind! 4) Set aside time to take a break!

Let’s face it, as designers we are constantly trying to come up with creative ideas and solutions to use in our work.  While working from home, you may be tempted to sit at your computer all day long drowning in creativity and creation without leaving the spot that you are at.  However, this will not last for long! It is important to take breaks throughout your day to clear your mind and allow for your brain to take a rest from the constant working.  Whether it’s going for a walk or solving a quick desktop puzzle to use your mind in a different way, taking breaks is an important part to maintaining a healthy and effective work from home life.

Try out these quick tips while transitioning to a work from home life, and utilize NorthPoint to create the perfect work from home kits for your employees!

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