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Pixels To Print: Special Print Finishes

Craving an extra pop of something that will make your artwork stand out?! Perhaps you are stuck with wanting more, but not knowing how to achieve it. Let me introduce you to the special print finishes, or post-print effects, that you didn’t know you needed!

1. Die Cutting

Think of die cutting as a cookie cutter in any shape that you choose for your art. This is the process that is used for rounded corners, and can be used to cut out just about any shape! The process begins with a custom die that is created based on your requested shape and is then attached to a die-cutting machine. The printed item is then placed in the machine, and the die is pressed onto the item to cut out the shape! This finish is most commonly used for business cards, invitations, greeting cards, and even notecards.

2. Emboss/Deboss

Embossing and debossing are similar in the sense that they both include the process of stamping a printed piece between a metal plate and a counter. Embossing created a raised impression on the paper, giving it a 3D effect, while debossing does the opposite, creating a pushed in depression in the paper. These finished are often used with book covers, pocket folders, business cards, and greeting cards, and debossing can also be used to imprint promotional products like journals or padfolios!

3. Spot Gloss

Spot gloss can be seen as a way to enhance the existing colors in your design. Add spot gloss over certain areas of your artwork, like your logo, to give it a glossy finish that will pop from the page and stand separate from the other elements, which remain uncoated. Consider spot glossing your next round of business cards or notecards!

4. Foil Stamping

Make your art SPARLE and SHINE with a foil finish! This process applies a metallic foil to your printed item by using a heated die placed into a foil stamping machine. This finish works great when used with invitations, cards, or even business cards too!

Try out one of these special finishes in your next printed project to WOW whoever it comes across and to surely leave your audience with something they’ll never forget!

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