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Pixels To Print: The Art of Paper

You may have cut snowflakes out of paper as a child without realizing you were partaking in the creation of paper art. Paper art or paper craft encompasses the use of paper medium as the base of the artwork. There are many different types and techniques that could involve the paper being cut, folded, glued, stitched or layered. The artists below have mastered the medium and techniques to create some awe-inspiring artwork. Some are hard to believe they’re created from paper. Get inspired and perhaps try to incorporate one of these techniques in your next design or campaign.

Papercutting: "White Hand" by Peter Callesen

Quilling: "5000 Dollars" by Yulia Brodskaya

Papercutting: “Purple” by Jen Stark

Folded Paper: “Stairs, Small Room With the Floor” by Simon Schubert

Paper Sculpture: “White Wolf” by Calvin Nicholls

Folded Books: “Read” by Luciana Frigerio

Papercutting: “Never Stop Exploring” by Hannah Baker

Origami: Shark by Nguyen Hung Cuong

Papercutting Lightbox: art by Hari & Deepti

Papercutting: “Octopus” by Kiriken Masayo

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