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Pixels to Print: Top Ted Talks for Designers

In a time when so many things may seem gloomy and hopeless, we must search for even the slightest of inspiration to ignite our inner creative spirit. Creative inspiration can be found in any and every aspect of life, from street signs and architecture, to nature, movies, music, and even through the words of others.

It may be true that public opportunities for inspiration are limited due to the pandemic, but that’s not to stop us from searching the glorious world wide web that we are so lucky to have access to!

If you have ever listened to a Ted Talk, of any subject for that matter, you are quite likely to have taken away some feeling of inspiration or deeper thought and understanding of a topic. Below we have gathered some of the top Ted Talks recommended for designers to share with you in hopes of sparking inspiration when you may need it the most!

By Margaret Gould Stewart

Margaret Gould Stewart, Facebook’s director of product design, outlines three rules for design at such a massive scale. For companies as large as Facebook, one small change has the potential to affect billions of people across the world, in either a good or bad way, as Stewart touches upon.

By Chip Kidd

The enthusiastic and humorous graphic designer, Chip Kidd, is known for his extraordinary book covers that fully embody each book.  In his Ted Talk, he shows the art and deep thought of his cover designers.

By Tony Fadell

The man behind the iPod and Nest thermostat talks about how we often get stuck in “habituation” and “the way things are”, but as designers, it is our job to search out the opportunities where things could be better.  Fadell shares some of his tips for noticing and driving change and innovation.

By Elizabeth Gilbert

In the creative field, there is always the pressure to do better than what you’ve done in the past.  As author of “Eat, Prey, Love” Elizabeth Gilbert shares, artists and geniuses are constantly being expected of the impossible, but she poses the idea that instead of the rare person “being” a genius, all of us “have” a genius.

By Joe Gebbia

The co-founder of Airbnb explains how good design can help to foster a community and connection, instead of isolation and separation, and how this helped to build a company mainly centered around trust.

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