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Pixels To Print: Understanding Adobe Creative Cloud


Adobe Photoshop

This raster based programs creates pixel perfect graphics and is a staple for designing. From image creation to photo editing and manipulation, Photoshop's effects and filters make it a powerful tool.

Adobe Illustrator

This vector based program is very versatile. Easily create shapes with the pen tool. Create interesting typography with the text tool. Having your design as a vector allows you to resize without losing image quality.

Adobe InDesign

This program is great for designing multiple page documents. You can set up character or paragraph styles to easily format lots of text. When sharing files created in InDesign, remember to send the packaged file to include all links and fonts your document needs.

Adobe Acrobat DC

Acrobat DC is much more than your average PDF reader. This program allows you to make text edits right on the document, rotate or reorganize pages, and much more.

Adobe Bridge

This media browser for Adobe is a powerful digital asset manager. Organize, preview and batch files, especially Adobe specific files that Windows doesn’t allow to easily preview.

Adobe Premiere Pro

This video editing program uses a timeline to cut clips together. With additional tools such as text, transitions, and filters, make this program great for basic, quick video editing.

Adobe After Effects

After Effects is a more robust video and motion graphics program allowing for content creation in the program. Combine this with video editing to create some awesome special effects or post-production editing. Create animations or overlays to have your video content looking professional.

Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is a photographer’s go-to program for photo editing. Go deep into the different aspects of your photos to adjust as you see fit. The possibilities are truly endless.

Adobe Dreamweaver

This code-based web design program has evolved over time with the advancements in web trends. Use your knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more to create beautiful, responsive websites.

Adobe XD

Design and prototype user experiences for websites and mobile apps. Using their intuitive tools, you can create wireframes or fully designed artboards that animate to share with members of your team to discuss flow and design. Upgrade your pen and paper doodles to something more polished.

Adobe Dimension

Create 3D scenes with Dimension. Import 3D objects add textures or apply materials to create impressive scenes.


Adobe Fonts

Adobe Fonts offers a wide selection of fonts usable in any Adobe program and comes with your Adobe subscription.

Adobe Stock

Adobe has compiled an endless supply of stock photos, videos, 3D objects, and more. They offer different plan options that suite your budget to get royalty-free assets you’re searching for.

With so many apps and services to choose from, getting your design picture perfect can seem overwhelming. Reach out to NorthPoint with any design needs!

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