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Pixels To Print: What Creative Type are You?

To our fellow creatives – have you ever wondered where your creativity came from? How is it that some people have the capacity to think so much more creatively than others? Why us? While the actual answer to this question remains a mystery, we do know that creativity involves the combination of specific personality traits, behaviors, and thinking styles. It is proven by neuroscience that our brains are literally wired differently.

The main unifying characteristic of creative people, however, is our complex way of thinking.  We are known to change our roles and ways of thinking constantly, going from one extreme to the other all the time.  Yet even with our complexity, we still have a core personality that shows through the most.  In an attempt to define this core personality, Adobe Create has teamed up with creative agency Anyways, a group of UK designers and developers, and a creative consultant to put together the ultimate creative brain “personality test”.  

In the words of Carolyn Gregoire (writer and creative consultant), this test aims to identify the core personality in each of us and shine a light on the inner workings of different creative personalities types in a way that might help us better understand ourselves, our creative process, and our potential. And again, while you may be labeled one as one type of creative from the result of this test, all creatives truly consist of small amounts of each creative type…after all, we are constantly changing and shifting in our thinking! This test just helps you better understand who you are as a creative at this point in your life. 

As part of this ‘Creative Types’ test, sets and props were created to go along with the 15 questions and 30 possible answers to serve as a physical representation of the feeling or experience that goes with each question and response. Three-dimensional characters were then thoughtfully created to represent each of the 8 different creative types.  When your creative type is revealed at the end of the test, your accompanying character will appear as well!

Curious to see what creative type you really are? Will you be The Artist, The Thinker, The Adventurer, The Maker, The Producer, The Dreamer, The Innovator, or The Visionary?

Take the test and find out!!

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