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CRAFTING COZY: The Power of Gifting a Branded Cozy Kit

In a world dulled and diluted with digital noise and technology, many people are finding it tough to disconnect, unwind, relax, and get away from the stress of your 1 milly vanilly

outlook emails that rarely ever "find you well". As we approach the chaos of the summer months, it’s important to encourage a little ~self care~ to both employees and customers alike, and what better way to do that (aside from taking a vacation or just therapeutically screaming into a pillow) than with a gifted Cozy Kit! Not only will this help to resonate with your consumer on a personal level, but it will help to also reinforce the human aspect of your brand message. Let’s mosey on into why this can be your brand’s secret weapon for building lasting connections.

1. Warmth in Every Gesture

Just imagine receiving a beautifully branded box completely loaded up with soft socks, blankets, eye masks, a sound machine, and maybe even a candle designed to bring peace of mind and a warm embrace to your customers, thus reminding them of the thoughtful gesture that it’s ok to slow down every once in a while.

Field & Co.® 100% Organic Cotton Check Throw Blanket:  $29.98 - $37.78

Custom Cotton Quarter Crew Socks with Header Card: $8.50 - $24.90

Audio Dome Sound Machine: $12.30 - $14.25

Scented Satin Sleep Mask: $2.45 - $2.94

4 oz. Candle In Round Tin: $5.50 - $5.70

2. Unboxing Delight

The unboxing experience is highly underrated and plays a HUGE role in how a customer might perceive what they are getting. By adding little elements of surprise and delight whether that be some sort of messaging around the box or product inside of it, kitting products together into a custom box can truly transform a mundane/stale package into an unforgettable moment. Picture your workhorse customers opening a package full of cozy goodies that instantly brings joy and appreciation to their day.

3. Building Brand Attraction

This kit in particular encourages a deeper connection between you and your customer. Imagine snuggling up with a cozy blanket all while sipping out of an Ember Mug and wiggling your toes in some fuzzy socks! Your customer is reminded of your brand’s presence even in their peaceful moments - THUS turning customers into devoted advocates of your brand. WIN WIN!

4. Stand Apart from the Digital Noise

Let’s circle back to the beginning…we are glued to our phones, and that’s a FACT. Often times, we are having short-lived digital interactions instead of meaningful in-person interactions. I think everyone here can agree that tangible experiences leave a much longer lasting impression, and introducing an unboxing experience to your campaign offers just that! Give a refreshing change of pace with the initial and long-lasting experience of a Cozy Kit, and see the impact that it can make on your brand!

To conclude this long-winded YOU GOTTA DO THIS KIT BLOG…at the end of the day, we as humans all yearn for genuine connections. A Cozy Kit gives the stressed out, over-worked, over-stimulated consumer a beacon of warmth and authenticity. By exciting and delighting your customs with a tangible gift of appreciation, you can create lasting bonds and build stronger relationships. Embrace the power of coziness, one snuggly gesture at a time.

Replicate our kit above, or switch it out with your own version.  Either way, NorthPoint is here to help through it all!

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