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Event Marketing 101: Choosing the Right Swag for Your Audience

Understanding your audience is the first and most crucial step in selecting the right swag. You want to leave your attendees talking for the right reasons, and not because you showed up to a cybersecurity event with beach towels. Get it right, and not only will your swag be memorable, but attendees will also rave about your event for months! Get it wrong, and you’ll be stuck with boxes of unwanted stress balls. Here’s how to pick the perfect swag for your audience.

1. Know Your Crowd

Are your attendees Millennials who remember dial-up internet, Gen Z-ers who live on TikTok and talk in memes, or Boomers who think “LOL” means “Lots of Love”? Tailor the swag to their tastes (and needs & minds). Tech nerds might drool over the latest gadgets, while fitness fanatics might flip for fancy water bottles. And eco-warriors? They're probably hugging trees and swooning over biodegradable backpacks. The latest and greatest gadgets for the tech-savvy, trendy items for the younger crowd, and practical, classic choices for the seasoned professionals.

2. Align with Your Brand 

Your swag should reflect your brand's message. Are you all about sustainability? Ditch the plastic and go for bamboo utensils—make Greta Thunberg proud. If you’re a luxury brand, think elegant and chic. Mixed messages are for bad dates, not great events!  

3. Keep It Useful

No one needs another useless trinket that will be thrown in the bottom of their desk junk drawer, and yes we know everyone has one. Go for things people will actually use, like portable chargers, notebooks, or—dare we say it—really comfy socks! Remember quality over quantity. Invest in fewer, higher-quality items rather than loads of cheap giveaways.  

5. Add a Personal Touch  

Personalized swag is a surefire hit. Custom notebooks, backpacks, or items with any personalized touch make people feel valued. It’s the kind of swag that doesn’t get left behind, and let’s be real, no one throws out something with their name on it.  

6. Make It Social Post Worthy 

If your swag isn’t Instagram-ready, you’re missing out on prime social media gold. Choose items that are trendy, photogenic, and practically beg to be shared—unlike that relationship your ex had zero interest in posting about...   


Event marketing is not just about the event itself but the entire experience. Choose swag that’s fun, useful, and memorable. A little thought goes a long way in making your event unforgettable (in a good way)!

Still need some help selecting the perfect giveaway? Let our product specialists create a list of options tailored to your needs. Reach out to us today!

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