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Featured Brand of the Week: TerraCycle

Environmental awareness and eco-friendly products are POPPIN’ OFF in the promotional world, and we are absolutely HERE FOR IT! A huge a*$ variety of new items are now being made with recycled material, and give-back programs are blooming throughout brands left and right in efforts to help our environment AND our community!

As a society, we often deny or ignore the hard truth, but let’s face it…our basic recycling process unfortunately has some limitations that go along with it. Not only is it difficult to access recycling options, but on top of that, the traditional recycling methods can involve energy usage, hazards, and labor costs which can impede the efficiency of recycling habits/efforts.

But FEAR NOT, beautiful people, because there is a superhero out there that is helping to solve this problem, and they need our help to keep it going…

The Company: TerraCycle

The Product: The Zero Waste Box.

From branded pens to tote bags and packaging, TerraCycle is the recycling hero, swooping in where our old yucky methods of recycling need some rescuing! Their simple mission: items that are typically destined for disposal are repurposed into new valuable items, closing the loop in waste and promotion sustainability. They have committed themselves to innovations; exploring new technologies to recycle the most challenging materials.

Their Zero Waste Boxes empower organizations in every industry to minimize their environmental footprint.  In the promotional product industry especially, where waste is unfortunately a frequent occurrence, TerraCycle is a perfect solution to help us do our part in turning that waste into something recycled and reusable.

TerraCycle makes their way into the promotional world with their Pen’s, Pencils & Markers Zero Waste Box – each of which comes with a pre-paid return shipping label pre-affixed on box so that when the box is full, it only needs to be sealed and picked up with your standard UPS shipments. TerraCycle takes care of the rest, sorting and recycling the accepted waste into new products and materials!  Place this cardboard baddie in a highly populated area of your office, school, or any common area, and empty out that junk drawer (its really time, Jeff…you cant even close the thing.)

You, NorthPoint, and the world together can rewrite the narrative on waste and pave the way for a greener, more sustainable world. So who’s with us?!

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