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Getting Creative with AI using Adobe Firefly

Generative AI has come a long way in such a short amount of time, so much so that Adobe (the design program powerhouse) has integrated this new technology right into their design programs. Not only saving designers time, but also creating possibilities that were once limited -- unlocking an endless potential of creativity.


Adobe calls their generative AI tool Adobe Firefly. Using their website, you can generate whatever you wish using text descriptions and even photo references.

Here’s an example of using our logo as a structure reference and applying different concepts to it. To create your own:

Step 1. Save a black and white version of your logo or icon.

Step 2. In Adobe Firefly, upload your image under the Structure settings. Increase the Strength to maximum.

Step 3. Write a text prompt of what you would like to see your logo become! Here’s what we used:

Tip: For real items, we found that going to the Effects settings and adding the “Hyper Realistic” helped.


Keep trying to add onto your text prompt to help direct your designs. It may take some trial and error, but the results can be incredible.

Curious how you can use this feature for your own artwork?! NorthPoint's design team is here to help make it possible! Adobe Firefly's capabilities will surely make your artwork stand out for the ordinary.

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