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Hot Item of the Week: Cold Weather Kit

Price Point: $2.50 - $15.48

Production Time: Varies Depending on Item

Available Colors: Custom

Perfect For: Employee Giveaways/Client Gifts/Corporate Swag Store/Swag Store Real Estate/Holiday Gifts/Room Drop Presents/Mailer Item/Kit Ideas

WAIT. What Happened?! One day we woke up and found ourselves reaching for our NorthFace sweatshirts and turning up the heat in the car. Summer 2020 is sneaking away from us, and the holiday season is taking the wheel and going 90 on the freeway. This means the cold weather is riding shot gun – so NorthPoint is taking over the AUX (no Christmas carols yet!) and getting ahead of the curve with this Cold Weather Kit. Gift your clients with this kit full of warmth that includes a hot chocolate kit, scarf, beanie, and gloves! OH…almost forgot the best part – every single one of these items is completely customizable. NorthPoint has an endless playlist of ideas to help you with your next design project and campaign to really ROCK OUT for the winter season!

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