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Hot Item Of The Week: The Nomad Charging Wallet

The Nomad Charging Wallet

Available Colors: Brown Leather

Perfect For: Employee Appreciation Gifts / Client Appreciation Gifts / Corporate Swag Stores / Holiday Giveaways / Executive Gifts / New Hire Giveaways 

What are the two things you never leave home without? Answer: Your phone and your wallet. But then disaster strikes - you realize that you forgot to charge your phone, and you're at 0% batter life and oh my god you are completely lost without your maps app to guide you home. In this scenario, just about anyone would panic, but we'd like to introduce you to the latest and greatest, the wallet of all wallets - the Nomad Charging Wallet! This wallet is a classic bi-fold AND discreetly holds a full iPhone charge in case of an emergency without being think and bulky in your pocket. It's made from minimally treated, vegetable tanned leather and it's the perfect wallet for anyone on the go! 

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