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Hot Item of the Week: Ugly Sweater Design

Price Point: $6.13 - $62.50

Production Time: About 5 Weeks

Available Colors: Custom

Perfect For: Employee Giveaways/Client Gifts/Corporate Swag Store/Holiday Gifts/Room Drop Presents/Mailer Item/Kit Ideas

Turn up those holly jolly holiday carols, light up those sweet cookie candles, and bring out the dancing Santa – spooky season has tucked it’s way into hibernation until next year. Uncle Sam is already out back chopping down his favorite home-grown holiday tree, and Home Depot has brought out the decoration displays! So NorthPoint is here to send you a friendly “don’t forget we have your back” reminder to stay ahead of your holiday promotional campaigns with a set of ugly sweater designed products! With our amazing design team at your hands, we have endless opportunity for products that can be designed with THE BEST holiday creativity such as sweaters, socks, AND masks! (This is not a drill, Carol!!) Strut the streets with your (almost/kind of) high fashion holiday designed set of apparel and get jolly with it!

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