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Rebranding NorthPoint

NorthPoint Logo

NorthPoint Logo Old New

Hence, the NorthPoint360 was born. Our new logo is the cornerstone behind everything we do here at Northpoint. It's more than just a logo however, it's the embodiment of our business. It’s a representation of our core values and services. But most importantly, it’s the culmination of our amazing team's hard work, determination, and the beginning of our new chapter.


We've carefully crafted, examined, inspected, scrutinized, and obsessed over every detail of our new branding. From our business cards, down to our email signatures, we've checked, double checked, and triple checked everything to ensure that the smallest details were taken into account. For over 15 years we've been helping you bring your brand to life. We finally decided it was time to take a page out of our own book. We hope you love our new branding, just as much as we do!

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