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Spark Engagement (and Patriotism) with the Ultimate 4th of July Celebration Kit

LIGHT ME UP AND SET ME OFF like a 4th of July firework! Nothing ignites an American more than the smell of burgers and hot dogs roasting over a fire and Grandma Terry yelling for another Bud Heavy while she sits in the decade-old camp chair having her toes piggy-dippin’ in pool water and simultaneously waving that good ol’ American Flag! YEE HAW! 

Whether you are sluggin’ back a cold one, roasting some marshmallows with the in-laws, or enjoying the star-spangled summer rays with friends, we've put together the ultimate kit for your upcoming 4th of July festivities! Aside from infinite American spirit, this kit comes with a high-fashion bucket hat, a can cooler made for your cold beverage (that will be in your family for generations—let's face it!), and for that late-night 4th of July dessert, a s'mores kit with expandable roasting sticks! Four roasting sticks, to be exact. Now, don’t feel limited to just roasting marshmallows—the roasting sticks are made for all kinds of foods. You might be feeling a late-night dessert dog instead of s'mores, and you know what? This is freedom… no one’s stopping you! 

So, this 4th of July, let’s raise our bucket hats, cheers our koozies, & embrace the freedom to celebrate your way. Whether it’s with delicious food, fun accessories, or simply the thrill of being with loved ones, let NorthPoint help you make this Independence Day spectacular!

LOVE this kit and want to see a version with your branding? Reach out now, and NorthPoint's design team will use your logo and branding to create your very own festive 4th of July inspired kit for the summer! 

Custom Koozie

$1.60 - $2.81

Colors: Fully Custom!

Poly Bucket Hat

$14.57 - $26.65

Colors: River Blue Navy, Black, White, Sahara

Extendable Roasting Sticks

$16.98 - $21.40

Colors: Black/Silver

Smore's Kit

$5.14 - $5.56

Colors: Fully Custom!

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