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The Evolution of the Promo World

Updated: Feb 23

Ah, the promo scene – where yesterday's slap bracelets are today's high-tech marvels, and fidget spinners are like the cringe-worthy pick-up lines of a bad date. They remind us of a time when our attention spans were shorter than a Tinder swipe.

Picture this: it's the '90s, and the air is buzzing with the sound of dial-up internet and the sweet, sweet snap of neon-coated metal. Yes, we're talking about slap bracelets — the ultimate blend of fashion and function if your definition of "function" involves flinging a spring-loaded strip of plastic around your wrist. Neon slap bracelets in 2024? It's like witnessing the neutral color trend unravel like your hungover friend trying to piece together the night before.

The fidget spinner craze — a whirlwind of popularity that swept the world faster than your ADHD coworker's attention span, who probably still has one to this day. From classrooms to boardrooms, they were as hot as the office gossip the Monday after the holiday party. But like all fads, their moment faded fast & they became as tiresome as a grown man watching Taylor Swift takeover football Sundays.

And let's not overlook the shift from fidget spinners to high-tech gadgets. It's akin to ditching a flip phone for the newest iPhone — except now, instead of just making calls, you're meticulously monitoring your water intake and fine-tuning your caffeine consumption with a smart mug that moonlights as a mood booster.

Fast forward to 2024 we have put the fidget spinner to shame, whether that be with something as simple as a budget friendly phone bracket that allows for your traveling workload to be much easier, or a BioLite grill to take on your camping trip because nothing says 'I'm outdoorsy' like cooking your dinner with the power of renewable energy & simultaneously charging your iPhone. Look out everyone…flying cars are coming next!

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