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Hot Item of the Week: Brew Fest 6-Pack Holder

Price Point: $42.90-$54.33

Production Time: About 10 Working Days

Available Colors: Wood

Perfect For: Employee Giveaways/Client Gifts/Corporate Swag Store Items/ Swag Store Real Estate /Campaign Ideas/Kit Ideas/ Self Promo Items/Food and Beverage Items

Clink Clink! Its St. Patty’s Day, so “top of the the mornin’ to ya!!!” Let’s crack open a cold one, (or 10 because this day calls for beers, cheers, and fabulous years!) and enjoy a little luck of the Irish and maybe some smooches! There is no doubt that one way we celebrate this day is by bathing in beer, so let NorthPoint be your leprechaun (OOPS you caught us!) and give you an adult version of the pot of gold! This is the Brew Fest 6 pack Holder, and it is a crafty carrying set that includes 2 beer flight paddles, 6 5 oz. tasting glasses, AND an old-fashioned bottle opener. So, wait no longer! Reach out to NorthPoint to add this option to your next marketing campaign Cheers friends… let us drink up, and may we NEVER lose the Irish luck!

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