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Hot Item Of The Week: Cell Gel Mounts

A mobile mount for your cell phone

Price Point: $4.99 - $8.73 Average Production Time: 5-7 Business Days

Available Colors: Black, White

Perfect For: Employee Gifts, Client Gifts, Corporate Corporate Swag Stores, Raffle Prizes, New Hire Giveaways, Desk Swag, Room Drop Presents, Speaker Gifts

Have you ever thought to yourself, "tonight is the night I am going to relax, take a bath, and watch a movie?" But... (OH NO!) disaster strikes - as you watch your phone slip from your hands and plummet towards the water below. Now, not only is your phone dead, but your "relaxing" night is utterly ruined. Say no more, as NorthPoint has the product to protect you from all of that chaos! Our new Cell Gel Mounts are reusable mounts used to hold your phone at your desk, on a plane, in the bathtub, in a car, or just about anywhere! They adhere to any clean flat surface and are made to fit smartphones, tablets, or other handheld devices. Add your full color fancy fun logo to the carrying case and remember - now nothing is stopping you from playing that game on a long road trip or falling asleep to your Netflix show anywhere you go! 

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