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Hot Item: The Nutribullet Pro® 900-Watt Blender

Break out of the mold of traditional promo notebooks, water bottles, and drawstring bags because that's what we call “living in a world of ordinary” when you are meant for the extraordinary! Let NorthPoint help lead your brand to product greatness and introduce a powerhouse tool that's not only shaking up kitchens but also transforming your marketing campaigns—enter the Nutribullet Pro® 900-Watt Blender. Imagine your brand associated with health, vitality, convenience, and, let's face it, just being different. Whether you are promoting wellness initiatives or simply aiming to impress your clients with a versatile and trendy product, the Nutribullet can blend your brand seamlessly into your customers’ daily lives. 

Again, we don’t mind sounding like a broken record—it's all about creating a lasting impression with your promotional products, and nothing says that more than a product that is both practical and desirable like the Nutribullet Pro® 900-Watt Blender! From busy professionals to product-savvy consumers, this is a spectacular gift or incentive for any brand campaign. With a 900-Watt motor and a simple, intuitive design, just push, twist, and blend even the toughest ingredients in no time. It comes with a 900W motor base, extractor blade, to-go lid, 32 OZ cup, 24 OZ cup, cup ring, handled lip ring, and a recipe book. 

Beyond the obvious utility, the Nutribullet Pro® embodies marketing that speaks for itself: efficiency, power, and the ability to create something delicious out of simple ingredients. Add a touch of blended brilliance to your next marketing campaign by adding your logo, and your brand will be in the hearts and minds of your customers with every delicious smoothie sip! 

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