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Hot Item Of The Week: Customizable Athletic Face Masks

Face Masks

Production Time:  20-60 Business Days

Available Colors: Custom

Perfect For: Employee Gifts/Client Gifts/Swag Store Real Estate/New Hire Giveaways/Desk Swag/Kits

Staying safe and healthy doesn't have to be boring! Here at NorthPoint we understand the importance of being able to turn something "basic and blah" into groovy and GORGEOUS! Which brings us to our Customizable Athletic Face Masks. They are non-medical face masks made of premium poly blend - both breathable and comfortable - and they are washable! (YAY!) Wearing a mask is definitely something everyone is still getting used to and is certainly not normal for a lot of us, BUT you now have the ability to customize these into something you truly want to wear and encourage others to wear as well in order to do your part in protecting the people around you! Allow the NorthPoint team to help you turn something ordinary into EXTRAORDINARY! 

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