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Hot Item Of The Week: Illume Wireless Charging Station

Illume Wireless Charging Station

Available Colors: Black

Perfect For: Tradeshow Raffle Prizes / Client Gifts/ Employee Gifts/ Tradeshow Giveaways / Desktop Swag / Office Swag / Swag Store Real Estate

Let's bring a little bit of battery life to your phone, some organization to your desk, and light to your workday! The Illume Wireless Charging Station is the ultimate desktop accessory for all you workhorses out there! This charging station conveniently sits on your desk (or anywhere you choose to put it) allowing you to easily charge your phone. The Illume also has three built in USB hubs which provide charging options for your friends, family, or co-workers. Also, this product allows for a really 'POPPIN' design with a light up logo that sits against a jet black exterior to make it truly shine!

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