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Hot Item of the Week: LapGear Smart-e Pro Lap Desk

Price Point: $41.39- $41.99

Production Time: 10 Business Days from Artwork Approval

Available Colors: Silver

Perfect For: Employee Giveaways / Client Gifts / Corporate Swag Store Items / Swag Store Real Estate / Mailer Item / Kit Ideas / Travel Bags / Raffle Prizes / WFH Items

*SLAMS DOOR*… now that I have your attention - did you know that on average in our lifetime we spend about 900,000 hours working? And with the majority of us working from home these days, we have a wildly large abundance of “office” seating options to choose from…or maybe just one (*cough cough futon*) if you live in a 4x4 cardboard box studio apartment! Whatever the choice of furniture (highly recommend the 2-in-1 bed turned couch!), we have found the ideal companion for when you want to be both comfortable AND productive. We introduce to you…drumroll please…the LapGear Smart-E Pro Lap Desk with Memory Foam! It allows you to prop up an 11-inch tablet in the media slot for hands-free use at a phenomenal viewing angle and/or use the large work surface to place up to a 17-inch laptop. This mobile laptop desk has a foam lap pad with an anti-tipping shape design and a padded wrist rest for when you are typing or using your mouse. We are all about working in comfort here at NorthPoint, so we are excited to introduce a product that will allow you to never have to choose your standard work desk again!

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