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Hot Item of the Week: Lunch On-the-Go Items

Price Point: $2.73 - $52.65

Production Time:  Varies Depending on Product of Choice

Available Colors: Varies Depending on Product of Choice

Perfect For: Employee Giveaways/Client Gifts/Corporate Swag Store Items/ Swag Store Real Estate/Protection Items /Room Drop Presents/ Donation Items/ Mailer Item/ Kit Ideas/ High-end Gifts/ Raffle Prizes

STOP…do not even tell us…are you eating that warm salad with your hands? Are you choking on cold soup that has separated, and you are SPOON-LESS so you resort to sipping it out of the tin foil covered mug you brought it in? Toby Flenderson is eating your tuna sandwich because you both brought your lunch in a paper bag and he is the worst? (Hi all you office fans!) NorthPoint is enjoying warm soup and cold salads all with the appropriate utensils, and we want you to enjoy that too. Keep your food flaming hot and/or icy cold, and bring it wherever you go with these insulated food containers, packable/reusable utensils, and cooler lunch bags! We hear that branding these items with your logo makes your food taste THAT much better!

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