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Hot Item of the Week: Name Brand Beanies

Price Point: $15.400 - $22.67

Production Time: 15-17 Business days

Available Colors: Varies Depending on Item

Perfect For: Employee Giveaways/ Client Gifts/ Corporate Swag Store/ Swag Store Real Estate/ Holiday Gifts/ Room Drop Presents/ Mailer Item/ Kit Ideas

DID YOU KNOW - the human brain can generate up to about 23 watts of power?! That’s enough power to light up a light bulb. Forget the myth that you only use 10% of your brain and let’s be real – you use all of it. Neurologists have confirmed that your brain is always active (even when you're sleeping! Absolutely bananas!). On top of that, information from your brain can travel up to 268 miles per hour and good golly my Volkswagen Jetta stands NO chance in this race! Why are we telling you these fun facts about your noggin? It is to show you that your brain has a big job, a 24/7 “no rest for the wicked” kind of job, so we must be sure to take care of it. Let’s show your head a little appreciation in comfort and style with some name brand beanies. Brands such as The North Face, Nike, Carhartt, and Spyder carry different colors and styles of beanies to help protect that crown of yours and help you gear up for your next winter weather campaign, holiday campaign, employee/customer gift, and/or any other reason you might need a beanie. NorthPoint has your noggin covered with Name Brand kind of style!

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