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Hot Item of the Week: Name Brand Drinkware

Price Point: Varies for each Item – reach out for more details!

Available Colors: Varies for each Item – reach out for more details!

Perfect For: Employee Gifts / Client Gifts / Corporate Swag Store Items/ Executive Gifts / Travel Items / Holiday Gifts / Marketing Campaigns / New Hire Kits / Grammy’s Retirement Gift

Do you ever catch yourself standing in the shower wondering if the world is actually round? Or how are planes just flying in the sky like that? Also, who touched my drum set? Oh good…so do we. This week’s shower thoughts for us were, “what kind of mystical, magical, sprinkle of sparkle do they put in some pieces of drinkware that even after 10 hours, you could take a sip and your mouth can still go up flames?!? Wild stuff. It’s both literally and metaphorically hot. HOT like brand name drinkware!

We get it Terry, you love your Yeti and so do we, but the list of comparable name brand options of drinkware that NorthPoint offers is as long as Santa’s naughty and nice list combined. These are brands like Corkcicle, Miir, Arctic Zone, Otterbox (shocking, right?!), Brumate, Hydroflask, S’well, Camelbak, Contigo, and so on! The best part is that majority of these name brands are also associated with a giveback program, and what’s better than drinking out of a quality piece of drinkware that ALSO gives back to a charity in need?! We aren’t just limited to your basic water bottle and tumbler, either. All of these brands have a variety of different drinkware styles and maybe, Terry, instead of your basic 20 oz tumbler in red, you might want a 2-in-1 iridescent water bottle/tumbler with a gorgeous full color logo?!

NorthPoint can make the impossible possible, and your shower thoughts a reality. Next time you need a good ol’ thirst-quenching name-brand drinkware, we’ve got you hydrated (A.K.A. covered.)

Head over to our instagram (@northpointprinting) & enter to win a piece of drinkware from our trending line of name brands like Corkcicle, Miir, Hydroflask, and more!
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