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Hot Item Of The Week: Snowflake Picture Frame

Snowflake Picture Frame

Available Colors: Silver

Perfect For: Employee Gifts / Client Gifts / Corporate Swag Stores / Tradeshow Giveaways / New Hire Giveaways 

Three...Two...One... The holiday countdown has begun and your extended family is already knocking at your door, so what better way to show them your love than with the Animated LED Snowlfake Picture Frame! Here's how it works - First, print a photo, and then trace a 3.5" diameter circle. Cut out the circle and then slide it between the acrylic discs of the picture frame. Then, kick off the fun flashing lights by removing the pull-tab and sliding the switch to on to watch the wintery snowflakes dance in white and blue. It's the perfect holiday gift for your boss, employees, friends, and family! 

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