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Hot Item Of The Week: The Carry On Cocktail Kit

The Carry On Cocktail Kit

Available Flavors: Gin and Tonic, Moscow Mule, Bloody Mary, Old Fashion

Perfect For: Employee Appreciation Gifts / Client Appreciation Gifts / Corporate Swag Stores / Travel Gifts / Holiday Giveaways

"Buddy the Elf what's your favorite cocktail?" Honestly, we know that's not quite how the quote goes, but it's close enough right!!? Anyways, we've found your newest travel companion for the holidays and no it's not a piece of luggage or your mother-in-law. This is the Carry On Cocktail Kit! You have a choice of either a beautiful Bloody Mary, a generous Gin and Tonic, a magical Moscow Mule, or an outstanding Old Fashion. Each kit includes the tools to craft your special treat, a recipe card to help you create the magic, a travel sized bar spoon for mixing, and a linen coaster to really bring the class! All you need to bring is the hard stuff and VIOLA you are now a bartender and a lot less stressed. Let people know who the life of the party is by adding your logo to the tin and give the gift of relaxation this holiday season! 

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