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Hot Item of the Week: The Modern Sprout Glow & Grow Live Well Gift Set

Price Point: $43.33 - $50.15

Production Time: 7-10 Business days

Available Colors: Amber (desert oasis with aloe seeds), Blue Green (herb garden with basil seeds), and Burgundy (wildflower with daisy seeds)

Perfect For: Employee Giveaways/Client Gifts/Corporate Swag Store/ Swag Store Real Estate/Holiday Gifts /Room Drop Presents/ Mailer Item/ Kit Ideas

Pause…now relax those shoulders…take the DEEPEST breath in…and now out. Some of the most enjoyable moments in life are when you FINALLY make it home from work, out of the hour traffic jam, disconnect from the pressure of due dates, throw on your cozy pants, and grab your favorite beverage and relax. (Tequila?! Beer?! Wine?! We aren’t picky here, anything goes!!) NorthPoint knows the importance of “ME TIME”, and we have the perfect product to assist you further with your “namaste right here” moments. This is the Modern Sprout Glow and Grow Live Well Gift Set. It is a 12 Oz soy-blend candle (oh hello eco-friendly), AND there are components for a grow kit tucked in the bottom of the box, which include non-GMO seeds, soilless grow medium, plant food, activated carbon, and instructions for a successful baby sprout! Essentially all you must do is BURN IT, PLANT IT, GROW IT! It comes in 3 different options of plants: Herb Garden with basil seeds, Desert Oasis with aloe seeds, and Wildflower with daisy seeds. Its time you put down your phone and tap into your body’s own do not disturb mode. Send these to your clients, employees, mothers, fathers, family, and friends too to remind them to do the same thing!

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