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Hot Item of the Week: The OGIO Utilitarian Carry-On Spinner

Price Point: $207.09 - $204.75

Available Colors: Blacktop

Perfect For: Employee Gifts / Client Gifts / Corporate Swag Store / Executive Gifts / Travel Items / Holiday Gifts / Marketing Campaigns / Grampy’s Retirement Gift

Whether it’s a dramatic walk to Meme’s house because mom yelled at you, and that’s it - you’ve had enough, you are “running away”, you robbed Burger King of the Whopper Jr. and need a “get-away” bag, or you and the homies are about to embark on an unforgettable trip to Vegas where dreams come true and money is lost, THIS is the suitcase for you – we promise. The OGIO Utilitarian Carry-On Spinner is a wheelin’, dealin’, rollin’ piece of bag art that has not two, but EIGHT spinning wheels for fast and easy maneuvering, especially if the law is after you.

Knock! Knock! Who’s there? The hard shell body of this suitcase sure can take a beating, just in case the baggage man at the airport just isn’t having it that day; the fragile items inside are safe and sound. This bag is also a Disneyland of pockets that help in keeping all your clothes, shoes, tighty-whities, and Jr. Whoppers organized! Reach out to NorthPoint if you are in need of some direction towards product, design, campaigns, or even highly recommended travel places…the world awaits!

Head over to our instagram (@northpointprinting) & enter to win an item from our brand new Travel Collection, featuring the OGIO Utilitarian Spinner & more!
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