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Hot Item of the Week: The Phoozy XP3

Price Point: $49.99-$62.99

Production Time: 5-7 Business Days

Available Colors: Black

Perfect For: Employee Appreciation Gifts / Client Appreciation Gifts / Corporate Swag Store / Travel Items / Swag Store Real Estate / Phone Accessory / Internal Swag

When a product is made with NASA technology and seen on Shark Tank…it is almost a given that the product is going to be added to the “GOTTA HAVE IT” list. This is the Phoozy XP3 – a durable phone case that has a “full tank” of features (see what we did there?) for your on-the-go adventures. It has an internal stash pocket made for cards and cash, as well as multiple attachment points that make it quick and easy to clip it to your bag, clothes, etc. The Phoozy also floats like a bobber with its water-resistant flotation material, making it an easy revival and saving grace in case you’re having a little too much fun on or in the water! How does NASA come into action you may be asking?! The Material of the Phoozy XPS is, in fact, derived from NASA Spacesuit technology, which reflects more than 90% of the sun’s heat to prevent over-heating and permanent damage to your device while ALSO insulating your device in the cold conditions. Because of this, it extends your battery up to 4X the amount it would be without using the Phoozy. This product is really out of this world…and we highly recommend including the Phoozy into your brand, whether it’s for a summertime beach campaign, a winter cold weather protection kit, or anything in between!

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