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Hot Item Of The Week: The Privacy 3 Pack

The Privacy 3 Pack

Available Colors: Black, White

Perfect For: Employee Desk Drops, Client Handouts, Corporate Swag Stores, Tradeshow Giveaways, Travel Items, New Hire Giveaways

Technology is like a weed - it keeps growing and growing and taking over the garden of life. With technology continuing to blossom in our day to day, it becomes more important for us to protect ourselves against the peeping toms and the hackers of the world with the help of The Privacy 3 Pack. As you may have guessed, The Privacy 3 Pack has THREE items to protect your technology from the unwanted eavesdroppers, scammers, and "sight seers" (the nice way of putting it!). This pack comes with a data blocker that protects your phone from any unwanted data transfer, and a mic blocker and a webcam cover to help your computers, laptops, smart TVs, monitors and other tech items that have a webcam or microphone port from the peeping tom scammers of the world. The opportunity to get your message across is endless with a custom card designed to show people you really mean business when it comes to security.  

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