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Hot Item of the Week: The Scribl Journal

Price Point: $12.99 - $15.49

Production Time: 7 - 10 Days

Available Colors: Fun, Fabulous, Funny, Funky, Friendly, Fundamental, Famous, Familiar, Fancy….(ah okay we got carried away for a minute with the F words), but most importantly - FULLY CUSTOM!

Perfect For: Marketing Campaign Swag / Client Giveaways / Corporate Swag Store Items / Stress Relief Swag / Swag Store Real Estate / Your Burn Book of Secrets / New Hire Kits / Internal Company Swag

GET OUT THERE - defy the odds, dream big, prove people wrong, push the limits of life or whatever action you plan to fulfill, and do us a favor… grab a pen, and snap-crackle-POP that plain, boring, vanilla flavored bubble right out of existence! Let your creativity FLY like a sneeze through the air! That bubble is too suffocating anyways when you are filled with so much SPICE and ZEST! Speaking of the creative side of life, you can really push the limits on creativity with this week’s hot item – The Scribl Customizable Journal! Like Mary Poppin’s and her bag of goodies, this journal has an endless supply of creative opportunity. The cover? The size? The binding? Paper Style? Round or square corners? Cover material? Lamination? Pen loop? Belly Band? TIP IN PAGES? NFC TAG? Phew, we’re working up a sweat just getting through all the killer customizable options that this notebook has to offer! *Pats forehead with a towel* If you love the idea of using this journal to promote a special campaign but don’t know where to begin, don’t stress…we have a whole crew here at NorthPoint ready to kick some creative (you know what) and help you fulfill your journal dreams!

Want to see one in person before you make your decision? GUESS WHAT! You don’t even need to ask – you can claim our NorthPoint 90’s Spring Break themed Scribl for FREE on our swag store with this top secret link 😉(Follow the link, add a Scribl to your cart, fill in your address, and order away to claim your free Scribl!)

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