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Hot Item of the Week: UNTUCKIt

Production Time: Varies Depending on Decoration (Contact us!)

Available Colors: Varies for each piece of apparel (Contact us!)

Perfect For: Employee Appreciation Gifts / Client Appreciation Gifts / Corporate Swag Store / Travel Items / Swag Store Real Estate / Tradeshow Apparel / Internal Apparel

One word. Name Brands. It’s what is hot in the promotional world right now, and not even Santa has a big enough bag to hold all of the name brands we carry. From fabulous apparel that attracts rubbernecking passersby to nifty “OH MY GOSH, where can I get one of those?!?” tech gadgets, the list of name brand options here at NorthPoint is truly endless! We are going to need to get a larger bag because we are adding YET ANOTHER name brand to our lovely list…*drumroll please*…UNTUCKit Apparel. These apparel pieces are made with premium fabrics exclusively from top-tier manufactures who all adhere to strict social and environmental guidelines. The best part about this brand is that they are specifically crafted to look razor sharp when wearing untucked (hence the name)! These shirts are just the right length and are made to fit all shapes and sizes! From hem to collar, you are going to look (as the kids say) like a WHOLE SNACK even on your most casual days in this apparel. It’s a proven fact that “you look good, you feel good” with your brand on these pieces, so why wait any longer…reach out to NorthPoint to order your very own!

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