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Hot Item Of The Week: UV Sterilization Copper Vacuum Bottle

water bottle that cleans itself with UV light

Available Colors: Black

Perfect For: Employee Gifts / Corporate Swag Stores / Executive Gifts / Holiday Gifting / Client Gifts / Travel Items / New Hire Giveaways

We've got a riddle for you.... "What gets old, becomes impure, but never gets a single wrinkle? Answer: our WATER! Water makes up about 66% of the human body and roughly 70% of the human brain is water as well. Drinking bad water can have severe health effects on your body (GASP!). So let's make sure that the water you're drinking is nice and clean. Okay, okay, enough of the scientific fuddy-duddy. NorthPoint has the product to help with your dirty water problem. The UV Sterilization Copper Vacuum Bottle is a self-cleaning water bottle that keeps your water pure and odorless. It has a portable purification system that is built into the bottle. The mercury-free UV bulb produces a 99.99% sterilization of the bottle and water to effectively "neutralize microbiological contaminants" (a.k.a. keep that water crispy and clean) and the LCD screen verifies success of the cleanliness. It is also double-wall stainless steel vacuum constructed with copper insulation and allows your beverage to stay cold for 48 hours and hot for at least 12 hours. Bring it everywhere you go and never worry about your clumsiness with it's spill resistant lid. Add it to your swag store and shock your employees - one sip at a time! 

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