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Hot Item: The Smasher Pickleball Set

Pickleball is undeniably trending in the world right now. Whether you're young or old (you're going to age like fine wine...don’t worry), it’s a game that doesn’t discriminate against age and really brings people together! When you need a game at the beach, the office, neighborhood block parties, while you wait for your delayed plane, or at a tailgate, pickleball swoops in to save the day. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, well, I just don’t even know where you've been *insert disappointed dad face*!

The game is like the lovechild of tennis and ping pong with a small dash of badminton thrown in to give it some flavor! Easy to pick up, insanely addictive to play, and will 100% bring out your competitive side (can personally confirm). The SMASHER pickleball set (this is actually what it's called, not just a name we gave it) is a powerful promotional tool on and off the court. 

  1. Full bleed imprint capabilities: Your logo or custom design on this paddle is like a beacon of awesomeness and impossible to miss with the ability to print edge to edge on each paddle.

  1. Built tough: These paddles are designed to weather the most intense games, made with birchwood and a protective black plastic edge guard to make them last through generations. 

  1. Universal Appeal: Pickleball isn’t just for athletes; it's made for everyone from kids to retirees – hitting every demographic and thus making it the PERFECT gift or giveaway for anyone!

  1. It's just fun: Let's face it, fun creates memories, and what better way to have fun than with an activity that will truly leave a lasting impression? People will remember the good times with your custom gear! 

So... ready to hop on the pickleball bandwagon? We won't leave without you! It's time to get out there, customize your gear, and show the world what you're made of! Let the pickleball frenzy commence! 

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