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The Lululemon Dupes You Didn't Know You Needed

Updated: May 28

Ah, the budget-friendly bliss we've all been waiting for.

Why cry over spilled milk when you can dance over saved dollars? With these Lululemon dupes, you can rock the brand name look without the buyer’s remorse. Let's fuel your style without draining your wallet! 

Elevate your branded brilliance with these customizable Lululemon dupes that are not only stylish and quality-driven but also a perfect canvas to showcase your brand, allowing you to make a statement without breaking a sweat—or your budget! 

The Trend: Everywhere Belt Bag 

The Dupe: AeroLOFT Belt Bag  ($7.55 - $8.95)

This bag comes in 19 different colors and is a multifunctional belt bag designed for an active, on-the-go lifestyle. Crafted with water-resistant fabric and a water and puncture-resistant lining, you can wear it as a cross-body, shoulder pack, fanny pack, waist pack, or however you want—there are no rules! 

The Trend: Never Lost Keychain 

The Dupe: The AeroLOFT Keychain ($2.55 - $2.85)

A bright performance keychain with 8 different colors! This product is lightweight, super durable, and made with water-repellent fabric. Featuring an oversized hand strap for a comfortable grip loop and safe grasp! The look, feel, and hardware are the identical twin of the Never Lost Keychain of Lulu…you would never be able to tell the difference. 

The Trend: The Steady State Full-Zip Hoodie 

The Dupe: OGIO Bolt Full-Zip ($54.57 - $57.24)

The clean, classic, and sleek design with a matte appearance is one of the many reasons we love this full-zip, but then you put it on and feel the buttery soft material with its hidden seams and WOW…we could’ve sworn it came from Lululemon! 

The Trend: Smooth Space Joggers 

The Dupe: The Sport-Tek Circuit Jogger ($46.24 - $48.90)

We are bringing right back to the FEEL of these joggers. They're soft, cozy, and made for relaxing OR high performing! Ideal for both life on the move or a burrito blanket moment on the couch. The bonus we simply cannot get enough of are the drawstring cord waistband AND zippered pockets. 

So, whether you're stretching your budget, raising your marketing game, or just gearing up for success, these Lululemon dupes have got you covered from head to toe! 

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